Bunker of Stalin

The historical museum complex “Reserve command post of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Red Army I.V. Stalin of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945″ in Izmailovo (“Stalin’s Bunker”) is a public branch of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

The complex was created and opened for visitors in 1996. This was preceded by a large restoration work, made by Physical Culture and Sports Enterprise “Izmaylovo”.

Bunker of Stalin was built in the 1930s. Its construction was a part of the state program for providing the USSR defense capability. The Bunker is connected by a 17-kilometer underground road to the downtown of Moscow.

As a masking aboveground object, a stadium was chosen. In the mass media it was announced: “For providing the proper conducting of the sports games, the central stadium of the USSR is to be built in Moscow. When building the stadium, it is to proceed construction of no less than 120 000 seats and a sufficient number of various kinds of sport facilities of support importance for educational and public use. When designing, to consider the construction of the Palace of Physical Culture with scientific institutions, academy, and institute as the second stage of construction works.”

For the construction of the All-Union Physical Culture Complex, a site was located in the Izmailovsky animal house along the following boundaries: from the south – Izmaylovskoye highway bordering the green massif of Izmaylovsky Park of Culture and Recreation, from the north – Stromynskoye Highway, from the west – Moscow circular railway, from the east – Izmailovo village and the eastern border of the Silver Island with ponds.

A stadium with stands for 120 000 seats and maximum number of standing seat, as the main object of the complex, created the opportunity for organizing mass events.

The stands in the plan should look as a symmetrical unequal hexagon and consist of  lower stalls for 36 800 people, upper stalls for 22 000 people and balconies for 70 200 people.

Survey tour with a museum English speaking guide:
duration 1 hour
1-2 people: 5000 rub
3-9 people: 2000 rub/person
10 people and more: 1600 rub/person

Booking of the tours is necessary and could be done at any time of the year:
+7 499 166 67 68

Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday, Sunday – days off

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